Toronto Airport Bus

Toronto Transit Commission

This is the public bus that serves the Toronto area. This is a daily, 24-hour bus service that can help you get from the Pearson Airport to various destinations within and around Chicago. There is a specially dedicated airport services called Airport Express that is designed to get you to destinations fast from the Pearson Airport. There is a local and rush hour service as well. The terminals are located outside of city limits, but this bus service will not make you pay an increased rate as they would do with other destinations that are outside the city limits of Toronto.

GO Transit

GO Transit is another public bus option that helps those looking to travel from the airport do so 24 hours a day. There is a coach service that runs from the Pearson Airport to Toronto and the surrounding suburbs. This is a broader service that can take you further generally than the TTC. This bus arrives and departs from Terminal 1, so if you want to take advantage of its services you must go there.


This is another public bus service that operates out of Pearson Airport and runs to the city of Mississauga. It also has express service to the college in that town and another train station. It also has local routes within the city that you can take to various destinations in the area that you might want to visit if you are a local or on vacation. These buses depart and arrive from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. They also have stations in Toronto Pearson Viscount Station and in the Infield Terminal, if you are going to be using that terminal at all.

Brampton Transit

This bus line operates all day and runs from the Pearson Airport to Brampton, which is a city in Canada. There is also express service from Pearson to the Bramalea Terminal in Brampton. These buses arrive and depart from Terminal 1 for convenience. This is one part of the expansive network that Canada has built around the Pearson Airport to ensure that you can easily get from the airport to other popular locations around it.

Greyhound Canada

Greyhound is perhaps the most well-known service in our list, and it operates daily coach service each day out of Pearson. Their route runs from Pearson to Toronto and many other cities that span across Southern Ontario. You can also use Greyhound to get from Pearson to some US cities such as select cities in New York or Michigan. These buses arrive and depart from Terminal 1 for convenience. Terminal 1 does serve as a main hub for bus travel in and out of the airport.

Toronto Airport

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