Toronto Airport Parking

Toronto Pearson Airport has a range of parking options available and regularly provides a discount through their website if you reserve a space in advance. Reservations do not apply to express.

Here’s your complete list of the options available:

Express Parking

Great if you’re dropping off a passenger or if anyone is picking you up. With accessible parking spaces close to pedestrian crosswalks and elevator lobbies. It takes around 3-5 minutes to walk from Terminal 1 and is $4 for 20 minutes. Height restriction: 2.4 meters applies.

Daily Park

Available in both Terminal 1 and 3. If you’re picking someone up or dropping off at Terminal 3, this can work out as the best option. Due to them having a $4 charge for 20 minutes just like Express and is also located 3-5 minute walk away. The maximum daily cost is $33, capped at $185 for the first week. Accessible parking spaces are also available. Height restriction; 2.4 meters (Terminal 1), and 2.0 meters (Terminal 3)

Value Park Lot – If you have a vehicle which exceeds the height restrictions, this is the one to select. You are required to travel by train to the terminal, and the train runs incredibly frequent around one every 4 minutes. There are accessible parking spaces, and the daily fee is $20.

Corporate parking

If you’re travelling for business and would like to request corporate parking, this request has to be made in advance. All you need to do is visit the airport’s website, fill in your name, company name, email address and phone number. Corporate packages are available for the below three parking options. All three options are not limited to corporate passengers only:

  • Valet Care – Drive and pull up to the designated area. Once you’ve handed over your keys, you can proceed towards the airport. A height restriction of 2.4 meters (Terminal 1) and 2.0 meters (Terminal 3) applies.
  • Daily Park – Closely located to departures in both Terminal 1 and 3. A height restriction of 2.4 meters (Terminal 1), and 2.0 meters (Terminal 3)
  • Value Park Lot – This parking option can be found at 6135 Viscount Road. Hop on board the Terminal Link for both terminals. The train arrives every 4 minutes.

Need to visit the other terminal? No problem at all. If you do need to travel between terminals for any reason, to help make it happen, the airport runs a train which operates 24 hours a day. The train is free for you to hop on board; no ticket required. The train will take you to the alternative terminal in 8 minutes. During busy periods the waiting time for a train is 8 minutes.

Toronto Airport

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