Toronto Airport Terminals

Terminals in the Pearson Airport

In the Pearson airport, there are currently two active passenger terminals that are used for both domestic and international flights. Both of these terminals handle both domestic and international flights, so there’s a possibility that you could be departing or arriving out of either one. There is a third public terminal called the Infield Concourse that is really an extension of Terminal 3 and it contains additional gates for more functionality.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the first terminal that we are going to cover. This terminal is quite large and measures in at over 340,000 square meters or over 3.5 million square feet. This terminal has the title as the largest terminal in all of Canada and it’s also rather impressive as the 12th largest airport terminal in the world by floor space. This terminal is mostly reserved for airlines that are a part of the All-Star Alliance as well as Emirates.

Terminal 1 contains a lot of the standard facilities, dining options, and other amenities that you might need when traveling as well as customs checkpoints and other international accommodations such as the arrivals walkways. The terminal is designed with ease of navigation in mind, because it easily helps flyers connect with their next flight quickly.

Terminal 1 also features an 8-level parking garage that has over 8000 parking spaces for public parking and also 700 spaces for rental cars. It is located across from Terminal 1 and you can get there using enclosed pedestrian walkways that make transport easy and fast. Terminal 1 is also the notorious home of the ThyssenKrupp Express Walkway. This is the fastest moving walkway in the world.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is the other main terminal that is at the Pearson Airport. This terminal is large at 178,000 square feet, but not as large as Terminal 1 by any means. This terminal is used by the SkyTeam conglomeration and also One world airline. It’s also used with Air Transat, Etihad Airways, Sun wing Airlines, and WestJet. There are other, smaller airlines that also operate out of the airport.

Terminal 3 features a five-level parking garage to make it easy to park within the terminal and get to your gate quickly. The parking garage has over 3500 public parking spaces and also 600 spaces for rental cars. It’s located right across from the terminal and is pretty close to the Sheraton Hotel. Each of these structures are connected with this terminal using an enclosed pedestrian walkway. As of the middle of the year 2018, Terminal 3 has been supported by the Infield Terminal, which has been used to provide extra gates to the airport.

Infield Terminal

The Infield Terminal at the Pearson Airport was built originally to be able to handle all of the overflow traffic that occurred during the building of Terminal 1 in the airport. Since that build was a long process, there was a need for this terminal to be able to accommodate all of the passengers that the airport serves on a yearly basis. It has 11 gates that were built in the early 2000s.

This terminal isn’t used regularly for everyday passengers that come through the airport, but the airport is clear that it can be used whenever there is a need for the handling of overflow traffic again. The terminal was renovated in 2015, which was mostly prompted by the need for a place for intake of refugees of the war in Syria. There were more renovations done on the terminal in 2018, when the terminal was reactivated to provide additional gates to Terminal 3. There are shuttle buses that connect the two terminals to help them act as a cohesive, singular terminal.

When it’s not being used, the Infield Terminal is sometimes used in movies or other productions that require the use of a terminal.

VIP Terminal

There is a VIP Terminal at the Toronto Pearson’s Airport as well. This is used mainly for private flights and those who are not flying on regular airlines. This is sometimes used for government officials or very wealthy individuals that want to fly private for increased privacy.

Toronto Airport

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