Toronto Airport Taxi

With a taxi, you’ll be on your way fast and easy to wherever you want to go.

Toronto Taxi Fares

Fares are per car, not per passenger! Taxis to hotels in downtown Toronto take about 30-40 mins.

Heading to GTA (Greater Toronto Area)? Fees are flat-rate based on the exact zone in Downtown you’re traveling to (time and distance to your destination). Generally, the ride will be around 30-40 minutes from Toronto Person to a hotel in GTA. You can expect to pay $60 (CAD) to central downtown. If you’re heading outside, GTA journeys are charged $1.55 per kilometer.

If you request to Highway 407 toll, this will be added on to your journey cost. Traveling as a group but stopping off at different locations? A $15 additional charge applies per stop.

407If a passenger requests the use of Highway 407, the applicable toll will be added to the tariff. Please visit for the current applicable 407 ETR rates.
Passenger requested stops$8.00 for each 10 minutes or par thereof.
Multple passenger drop offs$15.00 additional charge for each passenger dropped off on route.
Excess BaggageA $15.00 premium will be added to carry excess baggage. Driver must inform
passenger prior to departing the terminal curb.
Trips outside$1.55 per kilometre (taxi)
zone map$1.65 per kilometre (limo)
Credit cardsDrivers are not permited to charge extra for credit card payments.
RoutesTariffs are based on driver’s preferred route.


Whether you want to look like you know where you’re going or just curious to know where official taxis are, find out below. Taxis do not pick up any passengers inside the terminal or parking garage – no exceptions! The City of Toronto licenses the taxis that service Toronto Pearson International Airport to ensure your safety and also consistency in fares.

Pre-arranged? Great! Head to;

  • Terminal 1: Arrivals level, Door A
  • Terminal 3: Arrivals level, Door A, curbside column 1-7

Notify the Pre-Arranged Dispatcher you are waiting.

If you haven’t pre-arranged, no problem. Please visit;

  • Terminal 1: Arrivals: Taxis: Door D
  • Terminal 3: Arrivals: Taxis: Doors D, E and F

What to avoid

As a rule of thumb straight out, ignore anyone who approaches you inside the terminal, trying to persuade and enchant you with ‘lower prices’ and ‘no queue.’ Head to the taxi pick-up points outside the terminal.


We don’t want you to start your vacation with a frighting story, and we’re sure you’ll have a great time here, we want to make sure you’re careful. In 2016 a small group of fraudsters were caught driving around the city in cabs, taking over customers’ bank accounts. In what appears to be a regular journey, the customer hands in a debit card to pay then leaves. It was later discovered they were no longer in possession of their genuine card. While the passenger was distracted, the driver used a fake debit card machine then handed back a fraudulent debit card to the customer. What’s clever is that no paper trail was left.  Also, if anyone approaches you inside the terminal, asking if you want a taxi, this is another scam. The driver will try entrance you with a $50 flat rate (lower than the legit taxi service) and then add another $50 to retrieve your bags from the trunk once at your destination.

Helpful tips

  • This can’t be stressed enough; double-check the taxi name! If it isn’t the City of Toronto, or doesn’t have a GTAA number plate on the bumper and decal on the window, don’t get in. Especially if you’re a single traveler!
  • Most taxis will take card payment, double-check before entering to save any awkward encounters.
  • Tipping in cash( $2-$5 or 15% to 20% of your total ist airport taxi fare) is completely common
  • If you’re traveling with an animal pre-book or speak to the taxi attendant outside the terminal, they’ll be more than happy to find a vehicle for you and your animal. Except for service or assistance animals by law, drivers can refuse passengers with animals.
  • Traveling with a small mobility aid? Toronto taxis understand, and they will undoubtedly help you. You won’t be refused or charged any additional fee transporting your equipment.

Toronto Airport

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